JLP is an ordained Evangelist( encourager to all people), writer, blogger, podcaster, and artist. She is the host of the Mastering Singlehood Podcast, and is the founder of the Manifesting Your Purpose Movement. JLP has made it her life mission to serve God and those He leads to her path.

JLP has faced many life challenges. One, in particular, occurred 10 years ago. At the age of 14, JLP suffered an unexpected illness that almost took her life. After being in the hospital for months one day she was found unresponsive by her mother. At the time, a man of God was present in the room. They both began to pray fervently that God would do a miracle. After being unresponsive for 30-45 minutes she miraculously came back to life!

Since then, JLP’s life has never been the same. She lives each day to the fullest for God’s glory. Using her gifts, talents, and creativity given to her by God’s Spirit to uplift and empower people, and advance God’s kingdom on the earth. For JLP, every day is an opportunity to manifest her God-given purpose, and encourage those she cross paths with to do the same!

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