Coming March 30, 2020

A Heart Determined

Unexpected circumstances in our lives can knock us down and when they do we often find it hard to get back up again. However, we will suffer more if we don’t! Hear me clearly: no matter how hard life hits us we must always believe nothing is impossible! We have a destiny that awaits us. An incredible one awaits YOU. Refuse to lose hope and choose to fight through the difficult seasons. Those seasons are meant to refine us! Not break us. Your end-goal is already determined by an amazing God. He declares you will prosper and succeed in everything you do, according to His WILL of course! If you follow His plan and purpose for your life you will thrive, my friend! Stick to his plan and have “A Heart Determined.” Know the most powerful person is not one with great wealth, accolades, or stature. It’s the person with heart! This book is written in a way to exhort you to have this heart posture. Having a positive mindset is essential, but having your heart and mind on one accord is a greater force! When this happens, there is no dream, goal, or vision you can’t achieve! The circumstances good or bad can’t overpower you. The Holy Spirit has built within me this heart and now I’m on a mission to pass the baton to you!


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