The Journey Begins

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Hi, My name is JLP.  I’m a fellow human like yourself doing my best living life to the fullest. After enduring many storms and challenges of all kinds throughout my life I am convinced God is real, He is alive, and is beyond good! I can  guarantee you that! No matter what you may have heard contrary to this truth. For there are those who say, ” There is no proof that God is real?” My question to them would be, prove me that God is not? Because there is too many evidence all-around that show He Is.

I mean, the  glory of God is not hidden from our eyes? We don’t have to search for it like some fossil buried underneath an old foundation.

His glory is literally everywhere! Trust me, you  can’t miss it. Look at all creation? Look at  YOU! A wonder. Therefore, you can’t possibly believe you spontaneously appeared out of nowhere? That’s crazy talk! There is more to you than cells and molecules? Friend, you were made on purpose for a great purpose! By the ONE who is far greater than any human, animal, or thing. Remember that!

This is why my faith is unstoppable because my God has been greater than anything I’ve ever faced—He is bigger than any storm, sickness, trial, or failure! He’s blessed me with countless miracles that I’d be a fool to say He doesn’t exist. I know who I am in Christ and the purpose of my existence. His ordained purpose for my life! Friend, this is freedom! True  freedom and peace, which I pray to God for  everyone to experience for themselves. To those I get a chance to meet and minister to. Quite honestly during those difficult seasons of my life I’d often wonder why? You know. Like, why was I going through all this pain and going through it so early in life? At such a young age?! Now, I’m not going to tell you that I heard the voice of God telling me what I wanted to hear in those moments, because I didn’t.

However, I can tell you that every time in the midst of my pain the Lord comforted me. He reminded me that every pain I had experienced was not in vain. It was preparation for a purpose that is beyond me! Today, I’m very grateful for those seasons more than ever before. They have equip me to be effective in helping as many people in their journey, too! Starting with you! Remember, life is a journey! In fact, it took me 10 years to reach where I am today on my personal journey of being who God created me to be, and doing what He has called me to do! And, you know what? I wouldn’t change a thing! God knew exactly what I needed to be ready and be successful in walking in His purpose and will for my life. In doing the very assignments He’s given me today.  I needed those 10 years to have the faith to pursue my dreams, fulfill my purpose, and inspire you along the way!

Friend,  I want to close by saying this: Hang in there! Because when you don’t give up victory will be waiting to greet you on the other side. Don’t you know you were made for so much more? You have to be willing to trust God, and know that whatever you’re currently going through is temporary. In knowing this I encourage you to  smile and remain  positive even when life gets hard. I know, Life is hard! But,  it’s also beautiful and worthwhile! And you have an amazing life ahead of you. I know because God is the author of your life.  God is always on point and only writes bestsellers! Believe it. I can’t wait to read yours one day. Until then, keep the faith, and stay determined! You was born to win.

2 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. I am truly inspired by your strong faith. I am also on a journey towards God. I certainly get what your saying because I am experiencing a new beginning with God. You are an amazing person. God bless!!

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    1. Hi Tsaiace! I’m happy to hear that. I can tell you that you’re in for one great adventure. Your journey with God will change your life forever. He’s about to blow your mind! Thank you for your kind words! Stay blessed, sis.


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