Nature’s Inside-Out Law

Nature is a beautiful thing! One of the greatest teachers of wisdom. Many of the things we as humans will experience in our development has taken place in some form or another in nature. I want to you go on a journey with me to learn from nature how the most amazing things we’re waiting to receive or do in life are actually waiting for us. You might be wondering how is that possible? If that’s the case, “I’m ready, money, job, house, relationship, success, come to me!” There is a readiness that comes without a call. Let’s take a look at a plant.

Before a plant became a plant it was once a seed. The seed had to undergo a process to become a plant or tree.  This process began when a farmer buried the seed into the ground. Afterward, the farmer had to keep watering the ground where the seed was planted so it would get the nutrients it needed to grow and spud into a small plant. As the days went by the plant continued on growing taller and stronger. Some plants grow into bushes while others grow into tall trees you have in your backyard.

Everything that has taken place up to now with the plant would not have happened without the process that was going on “underneath the surface.” You know what else? The seed didn’t make a sound to let the farmer know it was ready to become a plant; it simply became one ( This is something to take note of).  Many of us have difficulty waiting for things because we did not go through the “inner process” on the inside of us to receive the very things we’re waiting for. The truth of the matter is you can’t access those things unless you’re ready inwardly. An inner transformation has to take place in order for certain blessings, opportunities, dreams, or relationships to manifest externally.

Friend, I know you have been waiting for something. I know you have been growing frustrated and impatient because you don’t see any manifestations happening even though you do your best to believe these things will come to you. There are things too I’ve been waiting to see come to pass in my life. Some days are challenging to stay positive when things haven’t changed one bit. You had been hoping, praying, and waiting for certain things to happen and well, they just haven’t happened yet! But what most of us struggle with is we believe because they haven’t happened this means they will never happen.

I want us to focus back on the plant again. This time I want to focus on the attitude of the farmer. When the farmer planted the seed he or she knew what they were getting themselves into. The farmer didn’t doubt the seed would never become a plant. However, he knew there was a process the seed had to go through before it ever became one. He knew the seed had to first transform “underneath the surface” before any outside transformation or manifestation can be seen. The seed had to be ready from within to manifest into a plant! Also, to be able to bear fruits for this farmer to harvest to eat with his family and friends.

This season don’t focus so much on waiting for things to happen to you. Focus instead on getting your mind, heart, body, and soul ready to bear the fruits you desire. What fruits do you desire to have? Perhaps this past month or year you were waiting for those things to come to you when you should have done like the farmer did in watering the ground to let the nutrients come in to help you grow and transform to the best you. To grow into a beautiful fruit-bearing human who attracts good (company) things because of how ripe you are!

You see, we can only be the best version of ourselves when we allow ourselves to be ready from within! Without skipping the steps that we need to take to be ripe. The seed didn’t skip any steps and that is something to pay attention to! It says a lot about how we also should not skip steps from our own (regeneration) production. I know, sometimes it’s not fun to wait for amazing things to happen because we desire to have them now. But don’t you love the taste of the mango that was harvested from the mango tree! I’m not talking about a rotten mango. A rotten mango never tastes good! Who would even dare to take a bite of it? Exactly. I’m talking about a nice ripe mango! This mango reached its complete state of readiness because the tree that bore it didn’t skip its production. Again, remember, that tree was once a seed and it was its inner transformation that took place underneath the ground which manifested everything else it would need to reach its ultimate destiny—becoming a thriving fruit-bearing plant. One that attracts many different animals and people to appreciate its beauty and eat of its fruits.

Be mindful of that today! Know that whatever you are wanting to gain out of life will come to you when you are ready from within. No, I’m not talking about any new age or law of attraction stuff. None of that! I’m simply sharing with you a lesson from nature which God has given us to learn from. So that way we can be encouraged to know good things does come to those who are ready! Not necessarily to those who are asking for them or wanting them. But those who are willing to allow God to do his work in them and also putting their best effort to not rush the process,  or skip the steps He required them to finish. Friend, when we focus on getting everything ready on the inside it is just a matter of time for us to get all that we’ve been waiting and praying for to present or manifest itself to us. After God, you really are the one who attracts blessings of all kinds to your life!

Stay encouraged!

“It only gets better from here.”


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