My Number #1 Takeaway from 2021

And I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from God’s love. Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither our fears for today nor our worries about tomorrow—not even the powers of hell. 

-Romans 8:38 NLT

We read in the Bible that God’s love endures and also that He is love.

In both the New and Old Testaments we find that God’s chosen nation rebelled against God time and time again; yet God remembered them despite their disobedience. Even when they forsook Him althogther, He remained their God.

Today some that are not even religious nor believe in God have such negative comments to say concerning His word, the Bible, the truth and manual for life.

If they only knew God’s great love they would be ashamed they ever said anything negative about the one who formed them in their mother’s womb. The God who still chose to die for them despite knowing they would grow up to reject Him and His teachings.

Why are some unmoved by the gospel and the Christian faith though this very moment every which way there is chaos- plagues, injustice, deaths, recklessness, deception?

I have come to conclusion that people do not know what love is and most have never experienced it. I’m 26 years old and since the age of 2 I had the understanding there was a creator and that He was bigger than my eyes could see. At age 10 I decided I wanted to know this creator deeply and live for Him fully.

I thought I had experienced the love of God through Scripture and the countless testimonies He’s given me. As I reflect on this past year, if there’s anything I’m most grateful for, it’s His love.

God has demonstrated His love to me in a deeper way in 2021 that has transformed my life yet again.

I am fully convinced that once we proclaim the whole gospel message including confession and repentance many will not desire anything above having a relationship with the Creator of heaven and earth.

In 2022 my prayer and focus is to reveal to others in a greater capacity that God is Love. The love the world knows is powerless and without value. The lack of miracles, signs and wonders in our time is not only due to a lack of faith from some; but that many who claim to know God are not walking in the truth and love of the Father.

2021 brought me blessings and challenges yet none stuck with me than the encounter I had with Love- and that is why my greatest desire in 2022 is to encourage others to experience their own.

What do I expect for 2022?

Beyond anything else…I believe 2022 is the year God’s love which is truth will permeate the globe. And you and I have a part to play in this by making our relationship with the Lord our top priority and focus.

In addition to not be shy or ashamed sharing the good news every day this new year by means of evangelism, through our actions and the way we show up for others.

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